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Brazos Valley Community Band (BVCB) Code of Conduct

The BVCB is a gathering of volunteer musicians who enjoy the challenge of rehearsing and performing a variety of high-quality, challenging music. The wide range of age and skill level in the band supports our value of inclusion and fosters our mission of using music for lifelong learning, while promoting joy in our community through live performances.

Participation in the BVCB is subject to the observance of the organization’s rules, procedures, and expectations. The activities outlined below are strictly prohibited. Any member who violates this Code is subject to discipline, up to and including removal from the band.

  • Verbal, physical, or visual harassment of a member, volunteer, or another participant.

  • Bullying or taking unfair advantage of a member, volunteer, or another participant.

  • Possession or use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs in the rehearsal or concert space, or reporting to the program while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • Bringing into the rehearsal or concert space dangerous or unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms, weapons, or other similar items.

  • Conduct endangering the life, safety, health, or well-being of others.

  • Actual or threatened violence toward any individual or group.

  • Failure to follow BVCB’s policies and procedures.

  • For Student members: failing to cooperate with an adult supervisor/leader/mentor.

As a member of the BVCB, you agree to comply with the BVCB Code of Conduct. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the band.

If you suspect that this Code has been breached, kindly inform any member of the Board. Subsequent disciplinary measures will be determined by the Board as deemed necessary. The Board might opt to hold discussions with the alleged offender, who also holds the right to request a meeting with the Board. If all parties agree, both the complainant and the alleged violator can jointly meet with the Board.

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